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Who’s Responsible For Leaky Homes? You Are!


The government has announced a plan to sort out leaky homes.

The new financial assistance package is a 50:25:25 split between homeowners, the Government and councils to pay for repairs as long as victims shelve litigation.

Government is asking homeowners not to seek justice through the courts and in exchange the government will make taxpayers and ratepayers pay 50% of the homeowners’ repair costs. Builders will not be held accountable. Manufacturers will not be held accountable. Building code legislators will not be held accountable.

What did taxpayers and ratepayers do to become liable?

The leaky home problem should primarily be between the homeowner and the builder. The difficulty with that is that government has regulated the builder and thus interfered with the contract between builder and homeowner.

The government is supposed to serve its citizens but in this case they are unjustly claiming liability on behalf of its citizens. Why doesn’t the government want this to go through the courts? It appears they either do not have confidence in our court system or they do not want to find out who is truly responsible.